Original price estimates..

This page is here so that you can see some of the original estimates that I made during the planning stage. I wanted to keep these available to show some of the things that I was right and wrong about when planning for my extended trip. Remember that the original estimates were done early on in 1997.

When I decided to go fulltime, I needed some idea as to the cost of life on the road. I did a little research, and came up with the following estimated costs. A lot of these estimates were based on very little hard data, but the numbers sounded good at the time.

Original Schedule of Estimated Costs


Basis for Estimated cost



10,000 miles/year @ 7 miles/gallon @ $1.50/gal
$15.00 per nite average
$200.00 per month
  • Health insurance... $178 / month - $2136 / year
  • Trailer insurance... $350 / year
  • Truck Insurance... $300 / year
  • Mailbox and forwarding ...$200 / year
  • Cell phone ...$360 / year
  • Internet access ...$300 / year
  • Club dues (Elks, SKP) ...$130 / year
  • Medications ...$100 / year
Entrance fees for various attractions.. wild guess: $2.75 / day
Assorted non-repeating costs... wild guess: $3.00 / day

Grand Totals

$15,992.61 $43.82
OK, The above estimates told me that I could get by on $16K a year. Anyone want to guess what I missed? Or where I was way under or over on actual costs? See the next section for a cut at the actual costs.

September 1997

I realize that it's only been a couple of months, but I'm beginning to get a feel for what it really costs..... I missed the boat in a couple of areas on the estimates, and will have to adjust them upwards to match reality. First, some explanation:

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