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Last updated on September 01, 2003

This checklist is meant to be a guide for creating your own personal checklist to fit your individual needs.
It is not intended to fit any specific RV.

General Maintenance Checklist (Generic)



Check electrolyte level in batteries. If necessary, add only distilled water.
Wash batteries with baking soda and water to neutralize acidic residue and reduce skin discharge.
Thoroughly clean battery terminals and be sure they are tight.
Test all GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) circuits. Replace if not working properly.
Inspect all sewer connections and hoses for damage or leakage.
Flush water heater with fresh water to remove excess buildup of minerals.



Remove wheels and check the following:
Brake drums/discs, linings/pads, and hydraulic cylinders.
Electric connections to brakes (trailers).
Worn-out mechanisms and hardware. Repair if req'd.
Wheel bearings. Repack with fresh grease.
Tires for checking or damage, especially around the bead.
Check bolts which hold “house” to the frame (Motorhomes). Tighten if req'd.
Propane System (Check the following)
Inspect propane tanks for damage.
Have propane system tested for leaks/damage.
Inspect all hoses. Replace if cracked or damaged.
Inspect ALL burners for proper operation.  Clean/repair/replace if req'd.
Inspect roof for seams which may need re-sealing.
Check all skylight openings; vents, windows, etc. Re-seal if req'd.
Lubricate TV antenna mechanism with silicone grease.
Sanitize water system with chlorine bleach.  Flush/rinse system several times to remove bleach.
Inspect fresh water hoses. Replace if necessary.
Inspect undercarriage for loose fittings, lines, wires.  Repair if necessary.
Check axles for broken shackles, springs, shocks, etc.  Replace.

While under the RV, check frame for bends, cracks, other damage.  Repair immediately.

Don't forget to check the batteries in the CO2 detector(s) and fire detector(s).  Test them before trips.

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