--- or maybe OVERloading your rig.... Let's hope not!

The Inventory Page
The question keeps coming up: what do you need to carry along when you go fulltime?  We all need and want different things to make our lives more comfortable.... the problem is fitting all that stuff into a very finite space! Here are some of the things that I'm carrying around and some suggestions for deciding on what to take and what to leave. These lists may be of some help to you when you start loading your rig for fulltiming.

And now, one final item of great importance. Once you have it all loaded up,


Don't guess, don't estimate, don't procrastinate. Weigh that puppy, and if it's overweight, HEAVE SOME STUFF OUT! Do not, under any circumstances, travel with an overloaded rig. Your safety, and the safety of everyone else on the road, is more important than some stuff you can probably do without! If you're lucky, a busted axle or spring will *only* ruin your whole day.... if you're tooling down the Interstate when it happens, it could ruin your whole life!

This page last updated on March 8, 2002