RV Technical Articles

Articles by Mark Nemeth

Hints and Tips  A collection of ideas and Do-it-Yourself projects for your RV.
Loading your Rig A big inventory list of all the stuff I'm carrying around.
Choosing your Rig Some tips on looking at rigs when you are thinking of buying.
Tow Vehicle Mods A closer look at my Tow Vehicle and the modifications that I made.
12v Side of Life, Part 1 Detailed Information on RV 12 volt systems, batteries, and chargers.
12v Side of Life, Part 2 More RV 12 volt info on Inverters, Solar, Projects, lots more!
Detailed Information on RV Plumbing systems... The Drip stops here!
RV Wrecking Yards and Parts Sources RV Used and Surplus parts sources, Wrecking yards.
Installing a Satellite TV system in your RV Installing a satellite TV system into your RV, and understanding it too!

  Articles by Bob "Ram" Muessig 
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His name is Robert, but everybody calls him "Ram" (initials).  He was born October 2, 1941 in Clackamas, Oregon.  He's had a varied and diverse career, including pilot, flight instructor, long-haul trucker, and tour coach operator.

He started the RV Safety website (www.rvsafety.com) in 1994 in response to watching a couple, both inexperienced, attempt to back up and park a fifth-wheel trailer in a campground in California.   She was in tears and he was totally frustrated.  Ram and his wife Alice looked at each other, and said, "Somebody needs to make a video about "how to's" for new RVers."  Then they looked at each other and said "Why don't we do that?"  So they did.  They never made any money selling the video (now on CD), but the website was born, and just evolved.

Ram's health is now such that he can no longer maintain and continue the website, but, as it has been in existence for ten years, he didn't want the domain and the site itself to just disappear. Over the course of more than 10 years, Ram  has written a large collection of articles on RVing, which I am very pleased to be able to host here on my site! Please Click Here to access Ram's articles.

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