The Fulltimer's Lifestyle

Not so smart Moves The "I'm a Dummy" page. Don't try these at home, folks!
How I did it.... A "white paper" on how I went about preparing my move to the road.
Frequently Asked Questions  Frequently Asked Questions that I get via email.
A Week in the Life A day-by-day account of living the lifestyle.
Camping Checklists Everyone needs a checklist! Get some ideas for your own here.
The Downside of Fulltiming A humorous look at the little pitfalls of living in your RV.
The Nickle Tour See the inside of my rig.
Breakdowns and Repairs A log of all my breakdowns, maintenance and repairs.
Saving Money How to save some $$ while you travel.
Mark's Recipes You want recipes? We got 'em right here!
Leaving the Road The joys and pains of leaving the traveling lifestyle.
Building a RV Home Base part 1 Finding some land and getting it cleared!
Building a RV Home Base Part 2 Developing the land: well, septic, power, buildings, RV sites, CA trip.
Building an RV Home Base Part 3 The house goes up! Creating a home from a shell.
The final chapter... the house is finally done!! 

This page last updated on May 8, 2005