Tow Vehicle Modifications

When I was planning for my Fulltime RV adventure, it became painfully obvious that I wouldn't have enough money to buy a new tow vehicle. I had already purchased the rig and was now looking for a suitable used tow vehicle. I ran across a 1978 Ford F-250 extended cab truck that was in fair shape... The engine was freshly rebuilt but the rest of the truck was pretty shabby. I picked it up cheap and set out to turn it into my ideal tow vehicle. I wanted to create a package of accessories and improvements that would make my traveling life easier and enhance the performance and reliability of the tow vehicle. Here's what I did.....

Understand that the pictures here show the components of the truck after a couple of years on the road. I would love to have shiny new "just installed" pix, but what you see is what has been rolling for these last few years. Some of these modifications may not apply to your particular vehicle or situation, but I hope that some of these projects may give you some ideas for special projects of your own.

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This page last updated on March 3, 2002